The BPD Collaborative

Our History

In 2012 representatives (neonatologists and pulmonologists) from the seven founding Centers (Brown, CHOP, Colorado, Johns Hopkins, Children's Mercy, Nationwide Children's, and Texas Children's) met for lunch at the PAS meeting in Boston to discuss how to improve outcomes for patients with established severe BPD.

We agreed that despite abundant research and novel strategies in preventing BPD, there was a paucity of research or evidence regarding the clinical course and management of established BPD and particularly its severest forms. This is in part because severe BPD is relatively uncommon, and no single center has a large enough population to conduct sufficiently powered clinical studies. So, we agreed to work together as the BPD Collaborative to address the multitude of gaps in our knowledge related to severe BPD.

Participating Centers
Participating Clinicians
Types Of Disciplines

Collaborative Highlights

  • In August of 2012, we started meeting via monthly teleconferences.
  • In 2013 we had our first in-person meeting at Children's Hospital of Philadelphia.
  • In 2014, we developed our charter that was built around our vision – to work together to eventually cure severe BPD by filling in the gaps in our knowledge related to disease course and clinical care.
  • In 2017, we published a comprehensive review in the Journal of Pediatrics (volume 181, pages 12-28.e1), setting out our shared vision for the interdisciplinary care required for children with severe BPD.
  • Over the years, we have grown from 7 centers to 46 centers and over 400 individuals, we have developed and implemented a Registry, and we have published peer reviewed articles and presented abstracts at PAS and ATS since 2018.
BPD Historical Growth Graph

Executive Board

The BPD Collaborative

          Leif Nelin             Chair
Nationwide Children’s Hospital
Columbus, OH

The BPD Collaborative

      Steve Abman        Vice Chair

Children’s Hospital of Colorado
Denver, CO

Moore, Paul

 Paul Moore   Treasurer
Vanderbilt University Medical
Nashville, TN

Cuevas Guaman Milenka.Neonatology

Milenka Cuevas Guaman Secretary
Texas Children’s Hospital
Houston, TX

The BPD Collaborative

Huayan Zhang
Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia
Philadelphia, PA

Laurie Laurie Eldredge

Laurie Eldredge
Seattle Children’s Hospital
Seattle, Wa

Winston Manimtim

Winston Manimtim
Children's Mercy Kansas City
Kansas City MO

The BPD Collaborative

Martin Keszler
Brown University
Providence, RI

The BPD Collaborative

Sharon McGrath-Morrow
Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia
Philadelphia, PA

Griffiths_Pamela-201001-web (002) (002)

Pamela Griffiths
Phoenix Children's Hospital
Phoenix, AZ

McKinney-Robin-MD-2017-picture (002)

Robin McKinney
Brown University
Providence, RI

Heinonen, Sarah

Sarah Ann Keil Heinonen
Children's Hospital Los Angeles
Los Angeles, CA

Susan Gage

Susan Gage
Children's Hospital of Orange County
Orange, CA

Richard Sindelar

Richard Sindelar
University of Uppsala Department of Women's and Children's Health
Uppsala, Sweden      (non-voting member)

erini-12-1 (002)

Erin Iozzi
Parent Advocate
(non-voting member)

Org Chart

Standing Committees

  • Advocacy Committee – advocate for patients and families with sBPD at the community, regional, state, and national level.
  • Data Committee – oversee access to the BPD Collaborative Registry and development of the research program.
  • Education Committee – development and implementation of educational content and curricula.
  • Junior Faculty Development Committee - Responsible for developing and implementing programs to ensure junior faculty members of the BPD Collaborative can reach their goals.
  • Membership Committee – responsible for recruiting and recommending new full member institutions to the Steering Committee for vote. The committee is also responsible for the recruitment and approval of new Associate Members.
  • Website Committee – responsible for the BPD Collaborative presence on the internet and social media.

Ad Hoc Working Groups:

Epidemiology and Definitions



Pulmonary Hypertension

Ventilator Strategies

Nursing Bedside Team

Outpatient Transition

Neuro Developmental